Estate Sale Company Referral Program

Introducing our new referral program for estate liquidation companies!

Hello! I'm Justin Coughlin and I own Coughlin's Auction House in Clinton Twp., Mi. We hold between 2-4 online auctions each month. I wanted to introduce myself to you and share with you our new estate sale company referral program! We are currently working with many estate liquidation companies all around the metro Detroit area and want to officially start a referral program that will put more money into your pocket.


How it works:

Any lead you send to us that results in items being consigned you get 10% commission on everything sold and paid for! Our standard consignment fee rate is 35% commission and $3 per lot. After the auction is over and the items sell, we take 25% commission and $3 per lot and send you a check for 10% commission for each item sold and paid for!


Have you ever found your yourself in one of these situations?


  • You go on an appt that has good items, but not enough of them for an estate sale

  • You get a phone call from someone looking to sell a collection of items

  • The homeowners association doesn't allow an estate sale

  • You get a call from someone that needs an estate sale too quickly

  • You are looking for an auction house to sell your clients high end pieces

  • You need to partner with an auction house or gallery for a unique situation


We can help you in all of these situations!


How to get items to us:

Schedule a drop off at 586-850-6812


We can pick up the items (additional charge for pick ups)


Although, we will consign most items, there are certain things we know will not sell at auction (clothes, books, dated or worn furniture, vintage upholstered sofas, broken items, ect.). Contact us if you have any questions about specific items.


Feel free to reach out to me directly at 586-850-6812 if you have any questions.


Justin Coughlin

Owner, Coughlins





Terms and Conditions:

10% referral refers to items that are consigned to our monthly auctions held at our auction house. We must know who the referring company is on each deal before the contract is signed. The best way to make sure you get credit for the referral is to have us contact the seller directly. If you are having a seller contact us, please make sure the seller knows to tell us your company name so you get credit for the referral. If you are referring someone to us, you may want to call us 586-850-6812 to let us know someone is going to be giving us a call. This does not apply to past deals, contracts, or auctions. 10% commission referral is based upon us signing a deal at our standard consignment fee rate of 35% commission and $3 per lot. Some deals will require us to negotiate with the seller. In the event we have to lower our commission to reach a deal with seller, the company who referred us will receive a referral amount of 25% of the total amount of money we make in commission. Example: If Coughlin's charges 25% commission and makes $1000 in commission, the referring company will get a check for $250). This does not apply to any other fees or costs Coughlin's may charge the seller or bidders. We reserve the right to change or cancel this program at anytime with or without notice.