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Online Estate Auctions

Online Estate Auctions

We understand the challenges of moving, downsizing, or coping with a family loss. In such trying times, the added burden of selling unwanted possessions can be overwhelming. Coughlin's is here to help alleviate this stress by ensuring a seamless process and maximizing your financial returns. Choosing Coughlin's to oversee your online estate auction is the best choice for both you and your belongings.


Online Estate Auctions are similar to traditional estate sales, but with many more benefits which include:

  1. Maximize Your Returns: 80%-95% of the contents in your house will sell (estate sales sell significantly fewer items)

  2. Create Competition: When you create competition, your items sell for full value. You never discount at an auction, like you do with an estate sale.

  3. Complete Transparency: You get a detailed list of everything that is sold for at auction. You can also monitor your auction in real-time online.

  4. Maximized Profit Potential: Experience the excitement of competitive bidding that drives prices higher, ensuring your items sell at their optimal value.

  5. Comprehensive Sales: With a broader audience online, more items find new homes, leaving you with less to handle during the clean-out process.

  6. Preserved Home Condition: Say goodbye to the wear and tear associated with traditional estate sales. Our online platform eliminates the need for in-home foot traffic, preserving the condition of your house and carpet.

  7. More Privacy: We prioritize your security and privacy. With fewer people visiting your home, because only auction winners or those that preview will be given the address, rest assured that your address remains much more confidential than in a traditional estate sale.



Thinking about having an Online Estate Auction?

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