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Consigning with Coughlin's Auction House: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: May 6

Coughlin's Auction House is one of the leading auction houses in the United States, with a reputation for exceptional service and unparalleled expertise in a variety of categories. If you're considering consigning with Coughlin's Auction House, here's what you need to know.

What is Consigning?

Consigning is the act of entrusting a valuable item or collection to an auction house for sale at an upcoming auction. When you consign an item to an auction house, you give them the right to sell your item on your behalf. This can be an excellent way to turn your collectibles, antiques, or other valuable items into cash, as auction houses typically have a broad audience of interested buyers.

Why Consign with Coughlin's Auction House?

Coughlin's Auction House has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the industry, with a team of experts in various categories, including fine art, decorative arts, jewelry, and more. They are known for providing exceptional service to their consignors, including comprehensive evaluations of your items, accurate appraisals, and personalized attention throughout the entire consignment process.

Their team of specialists has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a range of categories, enabling them to properly evaluate and promote your item to the right audience of potential buyers. Their extensive marketing efforts ensure that your item receives maximum exposure to potential buyers, which can ultimately result in a higher sale price for you.

What Items Does Coughlin's Auction House Accept for Consignment?

Coughlin's Auction House accepts a wide variety of items for consignment, including:

  • Fine Art: paintings, prints, sculptures, and other works of art

  • Decorative Arts: antique furniture, ceramics, glassware, silver, and other decorative items Jewelry: diamonds, gemstones, gold, and other precious metals and stones

  • Collectibles: rare books, stamps, coins, sports memorabilia, and other unique items If you're not sure whether your item is suitable for consignment, you can contact Coughlin's Auction House for a free evaluation.

How to Consign with Coughlin's Auction House

Consignment with Coughlin's Auction House is a simple process. Here's how it works:

Contact Coughlin's Auction House and provide information about your item. They will evaluate your item and, if you agree to consign, you will sign a consignment agreement. Coughlin's Auction House will take possession of your item and prepare it for sale. Your item will be included in an upcoming auction, and Coughlin's Auction House will promote it to potential buyers.

Once your item is sold, you will receive the sale proceeds, minus the auction house's commission and lot fees. Conclusion Consigning with Coughlin's Auction House can be an excellent way to turn your valuable items into cash. Their team of experts, extensive marketing efforts, and exceptional service make them an ideal choice for consignors who want to get the most out of their items. Whether you have fine art, jewelry, decorative arts, or collectibles, Coughlin's Auction House has the expertise to evaluate and promote your item to the right audience of potential buyers.

The process of consigning with Coughlin's Auction House is straightforward and transparent. They provide a free evaluation of your item, an estimate of its value, and a consignment agreement for you to sign. Once you agree to consign, they take possession of your item and prepare it for sale, promoting it to potential buyers to achieve the highest possible sale price.

Overall, consigning with Coughlin's Auction House is a smart choice for anyone looking to sell their valuable items through an auction. With their extensive experience, exceptional service, and dedicated marketing efforts, they can help you get the best possible return on your investment. So if you have a valuable item or collection that you're ready to sell, consider consigning with Coughlin's Auction House for a stress-free and rewarding experience.

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