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Auction House Consignments

Sell With Coughlin's Photo

We are always taking consignments for our upcoming auctions. We typically run 2-4 consignment auctions a month. If you consign with Coughlin’s, we can help you get top dollar for your assets.

Send us information about your items and our team will

contact you to start the consignment process.

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Describe Your Item

Tell us about your item. Details, history, paperwork, etc..

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Send Photos

Send us front and back photos of your item.

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Our team will review your submission!

Items We Consign

  • Large Collections

  • Unique Collections

  • Tools

  • Coins

  • Comic Books

  • Appliances

  • Collectibles

  • Advertising

  • Furniture

  • Antiques

  • Fine Art

  • Decorative Art

  • Sculptures

  • Fine & Costume Jewelry

  • Military

  • Firearms

  • Household Items

  • Sports Memorabilia 

  • Mid Century Modern 

  • Early Americana and More!

Consultation Request

Consultation Request 

Upload Image

Thanks for submitting!

To upload multiple images, please use our chat box in the bottom right corner

1. Contact Coughlin's:

  • Reach out to the nearest Coughlin Auctions location via our website or contact information.

  • Provide details about your items and your goals for the sale.

2. Consultation and Agreement:

  • Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your needs.

  • We'll explain our services and answer any questions you may have.

  • Sign an agreement outlining the terms of the sale.

3. Inventory and Assessment:

  • Create an inventory of items you want to sell.

  • Our team may assess the value of certain items to set appropriate starting bids or reserves.

4. Preparation:

  • We'll prepare your items for sale, following our guidelines.

  • We'll clean, organize, and photograph your items.

5. Listing Creation:

  • We'll provide information and images for listing creation.

  • We'll create attractive listings for each item with detailed descriptions and photographs.

6. Promotion:

  • We'll promote your online estate sale through various channels to attract potential buyers.

7. Preview Period:

  • Potential buyers will have the opportunity to preview items online or in person.

8. Auction Day:

  • Bidding will commence on the scheduled auction day.

  • Buyers will place bids, and the auction will progress according to the timeline.

9. Closing and Settlement:

  • Once the auction ends, we'll notify winning bidders.

  • We'll handle payment and pickup arrangements and settle your account.

10. Post-Sale Services: - We may offer additional services, such as arranging removal of unsold items.

11. Feedback and Follow-Up: - Provide feedback about your experience and discuss any further assistance needed.

At Coughlin Auctions, we're dedicated to making your online auction a success.

How to Consign with Coughlin Auction 

A Step-by-Step Guide

Have a collection you wish to consign?

The COUGHLIN Difference

Coughlin's Auctions
Estate Sales Companies


Green Check Mark

Coughlin's Auction employs a comprehensive advertising plan that includes both national and local email and social media marketing campaigns. We ensure maximum exposure for every auction by advertising on reputable platforms.



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At the conclusion of the auction, you will receive a comprehensive accounting detailing each item and its final selling price. Additionally, you have the option to monitor the auction in real-time as it progresses, with prices remaining visible online throughout the event. After the auction concludes, all prices remain accessible for review on the auction platform.

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The address to the property is exclusively provided to winning bidders and registered previewers.

Reduced Wear and Tear

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By limiting access to only winning bidders and registered previewers, there will be significantly less wear and tear on your property.

High Sell

Through Rate

Coughlin's typically boasts an impressive sell-through rate ranging from 90% to 97% at auction. This high sell-through rate translates to more money for you as the seller and fewer items to worry about after the auction concludes.

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Less Risk






Auctions introduce competition among bidders, leading to increased bids and driving prices up. Coughlin's facilitates this competitive atmosphere, ensuring sellers achieve optimal returns on their assets.

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Green Check Mark

At auction, the market determines the price, effectively eliminating the risk of someone pricing an item incorrectly.

Coughlin's has a widespread network of buyers spanning across the country, and we offer convenient in-house shipping services (buyers are responsible for covering all associated shipping costs.)

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Coughlin's maintains comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard your auction event. Additionally, we carry workers' compensation insurance for every member of our staff, ensuring that liability is removed from our clients in the event of an employee injury while at their house.

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COUGHLIN'S Guarantee

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Maximum Auction Exposure 

Get a detailed list of your auctioned items and their prices. Monitor live auctions online.

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Prompt Settlement

Your items are handled with utmost care and security from signing to auction.

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Expertise You Can Trust

Our auction experts provide accurate descriptions and titles for your items,  highlighting their unique features.

Green Check Mark

Client Privacy

Detailed settlement statements and payment processing within 30 days of sale, subject to agreed terms.

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No Cancellation 

Once the contract is signed, we are committed to seeing the process through.

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Found Money Policy

Money discovered within an estate is promptly returned to the consignor. 

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Transparent Communication

Clear and timely communication throughout the consignment process.

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Secure Handling

Your items are handled with utmost care and security from signing to auction.

Past Sold

img - 2024-04-22T123616.388.jpg

1970 Volkswagen

2 Door (Kit Car)

img - 2024-04-22T121724.621.jpg

Frank Kozik Poster

Signed & Numbered

img - 2024-04-22T121728.141.jpg

Sapphire Ring

14k Gold Natural Blue

img - 2024-04-22T122616.045.jpg

Automatic Watch

Breitling Geneve Navitimer 809

img - 2024-04-22T123849.085.jpg

Raccoon Bronze Sculpture

André Harvey

img - 2024-04-22T124442.382.jpg

Tool Chest

H. Gerstner & Sons 100th Anniv.

img - 2024-04-22T125421.349.jpg

New Lionel Train

115th Anniversary Berkshire

img - 2024-04-22T121752.005.jpg

Acrylic Painting

Signed Peter Max Mixed Media


Star Wars Figurines

Empire Strikes Back

img - 2024-04-22T121735.908.jpg

Political Collections


img - 2024-04-22T125631.725.jpg

Wilt Chamberlain

Fleer 60/61 Rookie Card

img - 2024-04-22T121756.261.jpg

Garbage Pail Kids 

Vintage Trading Cards

img - 2024-04-22T135130.518.jpg

12-String Guitar

Taylor LKSM Leo Kottke Signature

img - 2024-04-22T130146.106.jpg

Pedestal Mount

African Kudo

img - 2024-04-22T130150.045.jpg

Plated Pocket Watch

Arnex Gold

Have a collection you wish to consign?

“Being an antique store I deal with a lot of things and a lot of people I refer a lot to this company and have nothing negative to say if I could give a 10 star review I would fantastic company wonderful staff do not ask for more”
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