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Vintage Item of the Week

Updated: May 6

Gemstone Globe

A Brief History

Gemstone Globes are handcrafted and exquisitely designed unique works of art. Each piece consists of more than 20 types of highly polished semi-precious stones, enchased on the surface to indicate the territories and borders of countries, regions, and continents. These gemstones of various types and colors are geographically placed on the globe showing the countries and regions they are known for. Each stone is tumbled to form a smooth natural shape and polished to bring out its true color. Gemstone Globes are symbols of wealth and prosperity with great collective value.

Perfect as a gift or decoration for your company or home, Gemstone Globes are a great way to add elegance to your space. Its striking beauty makes it an excellent conversation starter and a perfect addition to your office, den, library, living room, foyer, or even bedroom. Gemstone Globes are especially popular with travelers around the world, helping them plan their next vacation trip or business venture.

Blue lapis lazuli is probably the most common color in the sea of gemstone spheres, but there are many other kinds of stones such as agate, jasper, mother-of-pearl, tiger's eye, turquoise, and quartz. They’re also a surprisingly accurate way to learn geography. Our vast world is made up of so many beautiful gemstones and shells that have been collected on land and in the sea. It's fascinating to see where different gemstones come from in indigenous areas around the world. Our planet Earth is our home and should be celebrated for all the natural beauty that exists among us.

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