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Firearm Services

Ready to sell your firearms with us?

Sell firearms safely and legally with Coughlins!

The safest way to sell a firearm is through a FFL holder. We legally background check every person who buys a firearm from us, making sure guns do not get into the wrong hands. We are the only auction company in metro Detroit that holds an FFL. 

Why use Coughlin's to sell your firearms?

1. Our FFL protects you from any liability of guns getting into the wrong hands.

2. We background check every single buyer every single time. Estate Sale companies without an FFL can not background check buyers, so you do not know who purchased your guns. With us, you know your guns are sold only to people who can legally buy them.

3. We offer a secure facility at our auction house with guns safes to store your firearms. Our facility is inspected by the ATF to make sure its compliant with their standards.

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